Tuesday, June 16, 2009

cupcakes for ADIK IPAR and Abg kepada ADIK IPAR

These cup cakes are soooooooooo cute rite....We gave these to my dear sister in law....for her birthday ....Now,im thinking of giving to my sister at TKC..but do u think she will get the cakes though???hmmmmmmmmmmm *ponder*

Well,tadaaaa....this one is for me and him....now im thinking aesthetically to create exotic pieces for my wedding ..have to start thinking now...so that ..its gonna be marvellous i tell u!..
shooooooooooppping di internet sgt mengiurkan..!!shooooooooooooot!
Sayang is officially the MIBT student..(Deakin's Foundation)..Congrats!
and he got the flowers from IPOH with love to Melbourne...


Anonymous said...

cupcakes tu comel giler okey !
and bye bye kaktya. am going to plkn esk. gonna miss to read ur posts. ;)

Anonymous said...

hi,where u ordered the cupcakes?any link?

Tyazizul said...

Hye anna...ye ke...good luck with ur PLKN...cari boyfrienddd!hahaha

hye anonymous..yyeeepp..i already post the link to u...specialll!! :D


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