Saturday, June 27, 2009


i was so shock ...receiving the news from bibik..telling me that M.J is passed away!!...
1st of all,this weekend gonna be a bit hectic for me..i have to accompany MOMMY to KL and staying for couple of days....currently im listening to BCL and Faizal Tahir duet for "aku dan dirimu"..thats our theme song!whenever the midnite comes...i feel so DROOL..remembering HIM!
so,tommorow gonna drive early in the morning to visit sister at Seremban...
kena ambek report card for her results!OMG..scary siot!!ceh..tapi adik cek ni pemalas..balik umah ngadap tibi..tidoq...main kucing..tu jah kejanya..tataulaa apa nk jadi!!harapnya dapat la diaa 8A.dah la kecoh2...*ateh TKC ade H1n1..kemungkinan kene quarantine...* dalam hati mcm agak geli2 hati melihat telatah budak2 biase laa..dak2 skola...ala2 zaman2 ku dahulu..oh..rindu skool dayss siott......

and on bf's brother JOSIAH NG + KIM NG ..will have their wedding at The Westin Hotel...and my brother Azlan Fauzy will accompany me to be my couple..since my sayang is now at Melbourne.... =(
I would like to express my warm appreciation to DILLA's boutique for sponsoring my *perfect attire* for their wedding....huhu.....well i upload the pics....just waittt!!but ...still....walking n attending with my own partner will be great!ohh Miss Azizul gonna be alone without Mr.Azizul the gorjes *sober*
Check out their website!


Who s next????Kim officialy our president for CYCLISTWIVES club *sniff sniff*

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