Thursday, June 25, 2009

To whom it may concern

"To whom it may concern,I've forgiven you and your family.I don't look back in the past cos it's history.I have a wonderful life now and I'm happy.I don't regret whatever that has happened cos it's a blessing.I don't wish to talk about the past or about people's life cos it's not important to me.I pray that God will help u and your family and only to Him you ask for help.p/s:I hope you will not disturb us anymore.tq"


J a n n a h said...

those words totally make me even stonger.yeah! im heal now!
po po po poker face. ;)

Samsu said...

dah terlalu senang idup kite kan...pakai cantik2,posing vogue,dengan spek stailo..agak2 solat tak aritu yang balik hepi sangat tu..lagi minum starbuck.kan dah terang2,starbuck yahudi punye,watpe bagi duit kat Yahudi untuk bunuh saudara kite?awak wanita yang cantik.Tyailyana

Tyazizul said...

jannah : yeahh........po po poker face
Samsu: Thanks for the advise ...but somehow in the world..most of the product that we are using is donated to them..not even Starbucks..MC D..all the branded items..but for thinking of my intention thats all..i want to have hot chocolate and only Starbucks has that...and about prayer..i knew my responsibilities...Thanks for the reminder....much appreciate...just THINK BIG!that's all

Anonymous said...

kak tya,nak komen skit ler kat bro samsu kite tu..
1st-busybody..mind your own business
2nd-agak2 en samsu ni pakai seluar tak dari kecik?ke kain pelikat sarong till now??i bet u not seluar pon dr jews..xyah pakai seluar le semua org..BOIKOT jews..kalau nak boikot,for me biar satu mas,satu asia,satu dunia..satu dunia hate jews but everyone can do nothing..cause they smart at the 'mommnet'..
kalau stakt minority je boikot,they all pndang sbelah mata sambil laughing at us jer..
albert einstein actually is a jews..n mostly of the Nobel's award winner comes from jews..(hope en samsu kite ni tau ler NOBEL ni)..
so what can u do?what can we do?
undeniably,jews akan kalah gak one day..but not the time yet..n when the time dah tiba..guess what will happen..........


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