Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A u t u m n GOODBYE

Autumn OFF..
now winter is coming...
was rushing to buy some goodies for my niece and nephew..
because shopping complex closed at 5..
and yeahh!!uncle jojo bought tisya a cute dress!
cant wait to see tisya wearing that outfit..
now still to buy her a doll or tak payah!
because i love to see small kiddo holding doll and feed her doll!
so cute...:D
so these pictures were taken on our way to the mall..
so COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cant wait to feel the heat in MALAYSIA!

the Autumn far?
honey was so tired from training..accompanied me to the mall

1 comment:

Dakjaat™ said...

tak aci .. dari hari tu aku mintak layout nie .. TYA TAK KASI POWN!!!!


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