Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When cyclist turns to be an architect

.proposed amphitheater to the site.
.proposed sky bridge to the site .

*those sketches quite hampeh*tangan saya letih x tidoooo...ha ha ha
Hasil Kerja seorang pelumba basikal comel yang kecil ...Ajojohasni..
KAGUM!!!!!!lawaa rite...??

Thanks to my sayang..
for helping me up to do my research..and some touch up for my design!!!
my bf now is so good in photoshoping i tell u NOW :)
i ll teach him more architecture software soon..
as now..he is learning to do SKETCH UP..and been designing our future house
but i havent check yet..
however,he did say to me that im so FIERCE in giving instructions to people..
yeas i'm ..
hu hu hu..
an athlete turns to be an architect
and learning masters workload !
tya is so mean!!

me and kuhaz setelah pencen present :S

FYI,been doing the work while the mp3 is playing Elyana's old song..(
i told u im her fanatic fan) ..jojohasni..can sing her old song LOL!!x sangke la plak mamat tu layan juge ..lagu2 gitu..ngeh ngeh..tajuk lagunye ialah *niat*

p/s: LOVE HIM so MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cpt la abis study sy mahu kawin !!


Atiqah. said...

Hello Tya, you have a very interesting blog! Hmm nak tanya since you are in Deakin, (which insyallah I will go to this July) do you know any lovely girls who would like a room mate? Tengah cari rumah =D If ada, could you please email me? atiqahfauzi@yahoo.com. Thank you! I'm from UiTM by the way.

Tyazizul said...

hye there...wow welcome to deakin...
hmmm im not sure about the roomate..sbb mesti ramainye nnti u ll jumpe...tp slalunye once u enroll uni,deakin bleh tlg crkan housemate..sbb time korang dtg..all of us will be in Malaysia for holidays ...=)

Atiqah. said...

idp told me that too but my parents kalau boleh nak i settlekan accommodation before arriving. thank you anyway =D

Tyazizul said...

rumah cari kat internet.....manyak choice....but u have to make sure u have a housemate 1st..sbb byk nk kene bayarr


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