Sunday, July 19, 2009

cyclist Malaysia Musim Salju

camwhore alert!before hubby starts...i tried to snap my pic with the velo's background..but i couldn't make it
after snapping this picture..i left my phone on the seat...thank God Vicky found and gave to teha..HE was negging of my silly sorry biggie!!!=D

Before ACC,all track cyclist are struggling as hard as their could for MALAYSIA tanah airku!
no matter whether its SALJU (snow) or not...noooooooo snow but its so damn COLD!
i was so lame for not using my camera for quite sometime to capture moving the results quite bad!im sorry...for those who are really good in photography..i knew my yea...all the cute cyclists gonna compete soon in this coming AUGUST!!i hope my yayang can do the best in the competition because i knew he will :D
Raja Keirin again?snapp.....last year....he was in Japan and i was in Syria...this year...Indonesia awaits u olss...

their outfits so damn cute rite...colorful tralalala

konon faham...ngeh2..boleh la...cek faham sesikit corak pertandingan beskal dalam stadium..
i felt regret of not choosing VELODROME ARCHITECTURE..who knows i might contribute to design a fabulous velodrome for Malaysia soon..indoor velodrome i suppose..

oh ya yesterday my super brothers were cathing MAN U vs MALAYSIA...whats up?i knew Malaysia lost to Man u 2-3!but yaa...Man U fans poyo!!

kite enjoy!yang laju itu tentulah cinta hatiku

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