Wednesday, July 1, 2009

meet the pumpkins (8_8)

Halu there.....
"memang benarku salah..tak menghargai perasanmu dan menghancurkan rasa cintamu..saatku ingat dirimu..haruman yang memeluk nafasku..dan memberikan ku kehangatan...
dan mengatasi kesombonganku...ANDAI KU TAK MEMBUAT DIRIMU..menjadikan yang ke dua..atas cintaku..janganlah..membuatku membenciku selamanya dan membunuhku...ANDAI by GIGI
Its been a while..i never meet my dear IIUM mates..since graduated and pursuing studies...everyone is been busy with stuff and their own carrier....however..i wanna say thanks to jojo,bedot,wahid,saidah and adah....for having *some time* to meet me in MALAYSIA....

Jojo willing to spend her time chit chat with me even she has work as architecture student..i mean EX architecture student...staying all night long is so command...i met bedot and waheed too..we talked a lot!!and wanna say thanks to ELIN for the nice accommodation ..I love to stay in "rumah bujang" and yaaa even have to climb till the peak level..but..i likeee..can reduce my calories...because i realized i have stopped my gym for quitesumtime!!

We had a nice dinner together at Low Yat..wth pegi Low yat?ha ha ha..the buffet is sooo sdap!!no actually we went to karaoke....jojo and bedot and wahid..they really have a great voice..i bet if jojo being an artist...she might beat Dato Siti !
Well,there s no words i can confess to tell how lucky i am to have such a EXOTIC friend like all of you.....Love u all ...Bedot found a hillarious song called MAS we dedicated that song to JOJO...sniff sniff...!!
Jojo ni montel..people might confiused when i mentioned JOJO..because my bf 's name is JOJO too..but i woulndt mentioned his name JOJO in my blog..its yayang!Remember...
so this particular my bestmate when i was in UIA..
just ignore the appearance..

Align Centre
~Tinggal Tanda Lemak by us~
suara jojo sgt sdap!!

Then,the following week..i met saidah and adah..both of them are urban basically we talked a lot about our studies ..and they wanna know more a lot about my experience enrolling at Deakin..we talked and we gossip a in

Adah: tya,u tau ***dah break?
Saidah:tya,u kenal YUNA?i went to KL PAC and i met her..her voice is killing me softly
Tya:Omagah...malaysians gossip always in my hand...
Adah:i now dah buat online boutique...i collected all the v i n t a g e product....
Tya:oh cool....give me ur link?
Saidah: ok i might neeed a blog too then!
Selepas bergossip panjang di Seri Melaka..i really like to eat cantonese yee mee there.!
we all still have time to snap pictures in Marks i spell it correctly?However..there is someone prohibitted us to snap!"adik,cantek manis..tara boleh tangkap gmbar dalam ini..ayoo"
Apabila mamat bangla tu tegur..kami pun keluar la dari Marks Spencer ..and took it outside....allrite get set goooo!
I just bought my orange looks nice..ha ha ha...

hmmm now i miss all of u back..entah bila lagi mahu berjumpa bukan...??
the best thing about them
*tidak poyo (for all english reader "poyo" is lame)
*they are not snobbish
*they are so friendly ,down to earth...even some of them is anak menteri..
*they are soooooo FUNNY!!
*they sing so WELL..
*they are so UP to DATE!!
*educated,speak english very well..*sigh*
*i love them!

peluk ciooooom

slumber yaya dikau berfoya-foya
slumber yaya slumber wawa
huu weee wuuu kau selalu bertanya-tanya
kemana hilangnya karisma
kau selalu bertanya-tanya
kemana destinasikuuuuuuuuuuu
destinasikuuuuu uuuw uuuuuuu wwuuuuuuuuu

follow my B L O G!

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zubaidah said...

haahahhaah 8 8...wth!! mish u...nvr get enough time when im with u,tc dat! sore jojo high class gler bab!!


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