Thursday, August 27, 2009

Busy gile siyutt!

Ok..can u define this image?if ur philosophy type of person..u may define and imply this is fun!ok ok cut that currently so busy..and dunno where to start and go..i just submitted my 1st crit..and hoping its good!!and focusing my time for my thesis...!!and yaa...after i submit my thesis,is my architecute practise submission ..and how cool is that....then,,moving management final thesis..last but not least my design....!!ok then when do u think i can prepare myself for hari raya??
do u think i have "sometime" for the blessing Hari Raya...i dont think i have...sob sob sob..
anak di perantauan.....but think in positive way...for my own benefit and future....!
Selamat berpuasa...dah masuk seminggu ..cepat betul....!!i ate a lot today!thanks!!

p/s:cant wait for this weekend!!i update in my blog..if i bring my camera then....he he he...
thesis is awesome!!

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