Saturday, August 15, 2009

hush hushhhhhhhhhhhh

sometimes being apart from family n friends quite difficult..
especially when nightmare comes..
i admit a bit depressed now..
i have no one to talk share my problems..
so hard to explain...
sedey siot..
sedey gilee pleasee..
menyampah gila ngan kau!!
cpt btol berubahhh sedangkan baru je duduk kat oversea..
i knew dia dahulu ..and now dia sudah lain gila..
i knew im not a perfect person tho..
but please think about others feeling!
feeling is important!!REMEMBER!!
i knew im so rude when laughing at u..kutuk..ape2 jah,,i shudnt say that tho..
tp sbb terlalu tensiiiii....
but please...jgn laa buat gini kat cek!
cek macam org gila tau dak...
seriouss so gila now..
coudnt even do my workssssssssssssss
damn...nighmare please go away....
i hate it..
i hate this feeling..
hush hush

serious shit aku dah gila....nasib tadi drg ajak p makan bbq...ilang sikit soberness yang hampeh itu!

1 comment:

zubaidah said...

mish u a lottttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!


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