Monday, September 14, 2009

Diversity of choice

Hello there,,,

now nearly at the end of semester..and guess what?i have 1 more year to go to finish my Master..insya -Allah..well,is there anyone out there..knows what picture is this?
ha ha ha..anyway..its an abstract picture symbolizing a place..........if i have enough money ..i'll visit the place since the accommodation already approved *sigh*..tapi do u have enough money?
ohh..a week more for Syawal..then,im going to face my hectic week...!i got 3 submissions ..
and last submission gonna be on the 9th..but wait..8th october...i loikee...
hubby is flying to Columbia ..:) i hope there is hard rock cafe at that place..hmm..just hoping he can do his best in worldcup!!!more GOLD for Malaysia,yay..everyone doakan for him now he currenlty been busy studying ..T___T for his FINAL!..hubby gonna come back a day before my birhtday ..*grins*
*selamat hari raya semua,famili and kawan...dapatkan Metro Raya!*sigh*

p/s: i hope Bonzer is helping me to get Atie's!

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