Saturday, October 3, 2009

Quality SPRING time!!!

Hey everyone...just to share with all of dearest readers that i just submitted my drawings and my thesis last Wednesday..and definitely im sooOooOooOoo happy...*release*
anyway,my friends from Sydney was here yesterday,not to forget Duratun Nashirin (our former national gymnast) and Cu- a,(abg irwan's sister)..and we had an o-some 'jalan-jalan'..we prepared food together, we survived to find a place together and last but not least took a lot of pictures together with magnificent shots!ok..ok..wutever.. i was amazed looking at the sceny left and right ...the scenery really nice and beautiful .*Subhanallah*...
these are the example of the pictures:-

sgt menarik please!ok sape ckp lawa??angkat tangan please?di sebalik kelawaan tersebuk..the fence tu ade letrik ek puan-puan..ade sorang mamat bijak p pegang..abis kene tekanan eletrik berfrekuansi rendah...huhu
sgt menarik sume x tgk kamera..hampehh klapa!

okk..sooo we brought all the "pejantan tangguh " to torquey of the best surf beachs in Australia...too bad not so many of them ...*surfers* yesterday..probably because of the strong wind!
so..when we arrived at Torquey.....
..everyone was shaking !shake shake shaking..and of coz...kinda gilaa!

ok this is the example of our gila's...ok so gmba lompat wajib ye puan-puan!

ok so then.....we walked around torquey and again found a spot to shot..ok layaannn.......

to introduce everyone,all my friends are Newcastle University architecture students..mereka ini antara yang gmpak jugak la time kt IIUM...bab2 3d sume tu...serah je....they have sem break!while i dont have any holidays at all..thats sax!so this picture is taken using NIKON D90..after looking at mista photographer using thinking to have NIKON too..!hahaha..
ok..paling best..semua bawak hanya satu photogpaher jah yang rajen tgkp gmba....tabik dkat i spell ur name correctly?what a small world..Trang and Jpar were my brother's junior..and they knew my abang...!smpai je rumah ko ni adik lan ek? smart macam abg die.....ok abg aku glamer..tak tau tak tau...wut ever..! moving on,,,,,

our journey still continue ....driving for 2 hours to the place that they really excited to go...!jeng jeng jeng......

ok what say u??menarik bukan..actually i been to this place for 2 times already..but during my 1st trip,i didnt visit this place...well,what i cud just "Subhanallah"...the place is tip top!
u can hear sound of the ocean wave ..the scenery ...superbbb!!!its really2 nice!!!

Well...before reaching the spot.!!12 apostles ...all the kids ..were hungry!so ...tetiba they called "MAMA" and lastly.."UMI kantin" mcm haremmmm!wut ever it is...all my kids love masakan umi kantin..baguih dok ada...Umi masak keatiaw goreng jah!tak mampu nk masak byk2...ok we found a place to picnic...dpan sbb hujan..maafla ek kawan2..x dpt nk shot gmbo UMI pasrah!...hahah nateee!..Umi puas ati sbb anak2 umi makan semuanya...dang!walaupun ..pembantu kantin "nanaazman" goreng 2nd keatiaw hangit!huhuu

as a conclusion,saya puas hati dgn kesempoian kawan2 ini..sungguh sempoi to the fullest..i loike!and we managed jugak to find a person to take our family photo...the pejantan tangguh drive all the way from Newcastle to Geelong..and it took about 1000km ..sungguh hebatt!it was great meeting the old friends back ....and insya Allah ..i ll visit u guys soon pulak after this to ur place ..driving??:S

Indeed,i miss all my IIUM friends yang memahami erti persahabatan....cheers!
Thanks a lot again to hunky dude..Ihsan,Bizi,Jpar,Trang,Moiz,Du,Cu-a and Nana...=D.. you guys are SUPERBBBBBBB!!

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