Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Moon Movie

i watched NEW MOON oledi ..
feeling like to watch NEW MOON
over and over again!
tp i think twilight lg best..
new moon mcm kureng aksi sikit..
and for me jacob tu annoying!
soooooooo syok habis laa wehh!!
anyway,there s nothing i wanna say..
just to admit that i have to be patient to have my moon soon ..
so soon ...
Hanya tuhan yang tahu segalanya ..heh

currently is busy watching KOREAN movie ..the movie called "cinderella man" perghh layannnnn!신데렐라맨 / Cinderella Man

A story of a rich man (Lee Joon Hee) who switches lives with a man who looks identical to him only the difference between them is the other man is poor (Oh Dae San). Seo Yeo Jin is a girl who studies at fashion design school in Paris but returns to Korea after her life is turned upside down when her father dies.
soon i wanna watch boys over flower pulak...he he he


.ieLah. said...

twilight is better


haniekunie said...

yerp saye suke cinderella man .. walaupun ceritenye agak flat


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