Thursday, February 18, 2010

Daily routines as a wife

woke up early in the morning..*hubby & wifey*
prepared pancakes and a cup of milo for hubby*wifey*
hubby [TRAINING]
washing clothes & tidying up our room*wifey*
market*hubby & wifey*
prepared lunch*wifey*
served lunch*hubby & wifey*
hubby [TRAINING]
prepared dinner*wifey*
served dinner*hubby & wifey*
hubby [TRAINING]
Lipat kain*wifey*
playing wii/band hero*hubby & wifey*
watching tv/reading/studying*hubby & wifey*
Quraan /Pray *hubby & wifey*
Manicure/Padicure/Facial wash*hubby & wifey*
Sleep*hubby & wifey*

my daily routines ,,,
i used to do all of these on weekdays ..and weekends we wilOl find some perfect time to hang out ..being an athlete's wife needs sacrificing ..i cant simply demand to go here and there ..for a sake to fulfill my needs..i need to be with hubby to support him ..i felt proud to see his effort in doing so...kalau saya(pasti tidak akan melakukan kerajinan & kedisplinan sebegitu).in fact, with his small creature ,my hubby always reminds me that ..nothing is impossible in this world..semuanya bermula dari keyakinan dan minda..if our mind say ..yes it means yes..
for the time being,i have to sacrifice my honeymoon ,what so ever time ..this is because to support my hubby all the way on his track...not for me ...not for my family but
this is only for our country,Malaysia win our first gold in OLYMPIC LONDN 2012..lets us pray together ..amin!@vote Azizul AWANG ..all the way ..babeh!


tropiclife said...

such a nice yek dh kawen..
by the way..congratz for ur wedding..hope it's not too late..
and gud luck for ur study..

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

soo sweet lah korang nih. masak sama-sama ekh?? hope u'll be strong to sacrifice. kena banyak2 bersabar okeyh.. ;)


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