Thursday, March 4, 2010

Aktiviti seorang suri memasang wall paper

Last week,me and my husband went to a night market at St Kilda Beach.A lot of artistic stuff were there..and i was really really enjoy spending my time there...even my husband was NAGGING at me since i like *weird* stuff..
Surprisingly, i bumped into a cute stall ...which sell all those fancy removable wall stickers.The stickers are so cute and adorable ..I made up my mind to have one for our bedroom ..=)
My hubby was ok when i wanted to buy the sticker...but when we got back home..he started to ask me what makes the sticker so special? .. i think this one is so adorable and romantic..agree?!
since then,i told my hubby that i really like to collect all those rare things that hard to get in Malaysia..i havent seen one sticker like this before,better grab before you regret!
so,my husband asked me to do the sticker by myself...since i used to learn about art thingny ..
haihhh...ya will do,if i have some perfect time sayang!!

Well,tadaaaaa.......even the sticker is quite pricey..but im satisfied with the effect to my new bedroom ...
loving birds in a loving cage ,,,,,,auw auw auw auw ..everytime i wake up from sleep..the birds will sing happily to us wonderland right??!!mesti akibat menonton alice in wonderland ini...
baiklah...baiklah ..seorang suri rumah seni bina sudah berjaya menghiasi kamar bilik tidur dgn removable sticker yang di beli di Pasar Malam dkat St Kilda...Congrats love!!i hope my hubby like this...
supriseee =,) ...pasti die tekejut tgk kecunnan bilik tidur kami dgn burung2 itu...hi hi hi..Uniqueness.. i like!

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chika said...

Hey, I pon ada pasang wall sticker yang birds in cage macam tu. Lebeh kurang la :P


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