Wednesday, March 17, 2010

La Paella Spanish Moroccan Restaurant

"Perfect " restaurant for couple ..we bumped into this restaurant located at Sydney Road,Melbourne and its "Halal" ..The restaurant runs by the Moroccan ..we were amazed looking at the architecture of the restaurant..So,classic with arabic environment..i noticed there is a special tent at the back yard for the guests...quite interesting tho!
so tadaaa....our menu for that night...hubby is soon leaving for world championship at Denmark.i pray and pray ..hopping my hubby will get gold medal once again for MALAYSIA !

they served mint tea...he really2 loikes it ....asshair ..sdap juge..
muke wife yg sedih ..sbb x penah berjauhan ngn suami..tambahan pulak uni dah start..doakan kejayaan ku dunia & akhirat......banyak gile kene blajar sem ni...minda kene kuat ..if org lain boleh..y not me?even slalu down dkat suami.....ape2pun ....doakan kejayaan suami di u yang..!muah


dr hakim said...

your hubby play ape for MALAYSIA?
giler best...
hehehe...mesti u rindu masakan malaysia ??

Cik Kmar said...

u makan kat la paella? i went there once & sumpah tanak pegi dh. bcoz mulut malay i cannot accept mknn morroco hehehe. eh not me only, my friends also :D

K. Eni said...

La Paella, one of our favs gak.
2-3 kali gak gi sana, mint tea dia best kan, cara dia serve pun best!
Abg azahar selalu wat delivery kat sana.
Kalau gi sana, abg Azahar suh ke slm kat tauke dia, mention dulu selalu wat Madina delivery.
Yg best suasana Morroccan dia kan?


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