Friday, June 11, 2010

Mencari Konklusi

Im now is finding for right conclusion ..
Is blackberry or iphone 4g?

Coba..tenang seketika..biar resah hilang saja...

weh seriously wehh....everyone is taksub with new gadget while im using the old phone!
my husband told me to stay calm because iphone will come out with new 4g and later on 4gs
wow...and ya ipad??i ve seen and touched ipad..its kinda cool!but ,looking back for the function ..i dont think people who loves graphic like me prefer to have one..i would love to have any gadget with multifunction for graphic and fast in rendering..i know macbook is the best....but i have no money to afford those....*sobs*

im married now...i cant simply demand those things to my dad..even i feel like demanding it..but cannot!!!its my principe to use my own money !Indeed,im jealous to look everyone using the hot gadget surrounding me..but nahhh....i have practically, avoid from spending heaps of money ..because if u just received without thinking the source from where u get the money ..u definitely will lost...thanks to my husband...he has teached me a lot in using money accordingly...different family background sometime makes people alert to realize others ..
money is so from now on, me you people yes you..need to think how to save money for future undertakings ..

im 24 years old ,a wife , a daughter, a sister and soon to be a mom (insya Allah)..everything is reciprocated ...Marriage really made me ponder lots of thing ...i really adore my parents so do my husband...i adore them so much!!Well,the secret is just one ...u need to be DISCIPLINE!
Obedient person will always success ..!

Im reminding myself actually !
I need to think massively about my future....
all my friends are now working and have their own

ok....jadi persoalannya anda haruslah mengplan hidup anda ya puan-puan..jangan taksub dgn wang diberi tanpa usaha ..saya ingin mejadi seperti Papa,Mama dan suami saya ..mereka sungguh hebat!I Love them so much!much!much!

Teka silang kata...membuat parah..membuat persoalannya!


suehanna said...

no worries kak. insyaAllah nanti next sem beli la iphone 4 tu. hehehe. u mesti ade scholarship kan? (: sabar eyh. take care (:

Red Clutch said...

my hubby pun (include me) mmg addicted to iPhone... both blackberry & iPhone are great in their own way, just my hubby & i are more on apple coz we're more on gaming (+ work too)... but this iPhone 4g to be said.. ada prob dgn connection internet masa launching ari tue, so my husband prefer to wait...

actually... bila dah kawin nie mmg we both kena fikir panjang b 4 we spent... kena bijak berbelanja... banyak lagi duit tue kena guna kan kan kan... klu bujang dulu sah2 both of us dah angkut iPhone... hehehe...


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