Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Adik!Sweet 16

A very late post...But just wanna wish A HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my youngest sister,who brings the same name like me..TYA....People called her as Tya Junior and me as Tya Senior....So!!
13 December 201o turning up my sister to be 16 years old..Sweet 16 ..and soon she gonna be 17 and 18 and 19 and 20 ......................Ouhhh time is running so fast !!!!
Now she is growing time to time ...From not a fashionitas to a fashionitas ..From not so shopaholic from a shopaholic ..But remind u ye my dear sister...dont spend too much!Thats not even ur money pun :P

our picture taken at Universal Studios Japan
FYI,my sister love to replicate me...maybe she thinks im her idol !
LOL.....now,if i look at the way she dress up totally is copy cat her sister.....
please la adik.....find others to replicate..i know im gorgeous !LOL
Next year,she gonna sit for the big examination ...SPM!
So hoping,she will struggle to get the best that she can and fly to abroad la apalagi!
I think studying at oversea giving u more experience and i prefer is she fly to the UK!
Sebab now dah takde anak bapak study kt belah2 europe so nak pegi ke Europe dah jarang sekali....So adik!!!Harvest it!!!!I know u can! I know my adik can!because she is bijak like her sister also!!takan nk tiru style akak ko je....tiru skali style akak je tatkala menimba ilmu..LOL

Anak-anak bapakku di kurniakan dengan darah seni yang melampau....Dari saya suka berseni lukis ..tibalah adik saya pula suka berseni dalam seni tarian...OMG!believe me tarian adik saye ni sangat chantik n ayu!So,kami contra dari segi Ayu...Saya a lil bit kasar!ho ho ho ho..
So,my sister ni quite active to be known as School Dancer la kat school die..thank god..Sekolah perempuan semua...kalau ade laki...hang dok sahh nk mengatai na!!cek tak suka tgk budak2 skolah mengatai..zaman cek takpaa!

Actually ade video dia menari kat Youtube...adohaii tak jmpa link dia plaks!!
takpe la..walau bagaimana pun...i love my sister so much and want my adik to be a good daughter ..a good slave to Allah ..a good human ...a good sister.. a good auntie ..soon a good wife and mother...Only two of us holding anak perempuan in the family so we need to take good care of our families name ..Study hard!because u know education is really important and from now on u must determine what u wanna do in the future ...to be an architect like me ..or to be a dancer LOL!

OK...I love u!
If u get straight As i ll bring u to LONDON OLYMPIC 2012!

the only adik yg ikut akak dia balik umah mak mertua..
adik ur the best
LOVE YOU sista

Happy Birthday to u!
Hadiah bsday tatau nk bg ape sebab awak pun tak bagi kt orang

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