Sunday, December 19, 2010

Zumba exercise and this is what im doing right now

Have u ever heard of Zumba before?!this is what im doing right now to burn my fat!
I like Zumba sebab everytime stay up dkat TV mesti pasang iklan ni!So...dia mengkaburi mata ku....So mari mendekati Zumba..kalau korang betul2 sini!

Zumba fitness is the best aerobic ever la sepanjang hayatku!Dkat Aussie ni macam dah famous exercise mcm ni..dkat Malaysia im not really!xbox pun dah ade zumba..memang la gile ye puan-puan..Mari klik akak-akak ini mengenai ZUMBA..apa kata mereka...?

Honestly putting on weight like a pig sangat now since i left, i have decided and disciplined myself to concentrate on this exercise for my wedding !!So yeah,even the price of the cd is quite pricy but the results are awesome!! So not sure wheater this
Come on guys...i ve seen the poll that Malaysia is in number 9th ranking of obesity !Oh ya Fat is buruk!So come on guys..lets harvest it together with me to eat healthy and have quality lifestyle!Memang awal2 u malas tp bile dah buat u gonna feel bombastic..

The whole set of Zumba fitness is 150AUD equal to i think its worth wish me luck to kurus!how i wish to be extreme slender in my big day nanti...oh yes!!belajar pun dah abis so no more alasan to be malas to jog and burn calories!!Believe me i dont eat chocolate ,rice , coco, sweets nearly 2 weeks dah...and hoping this semangat will be everlasting sampai bebila!!
Hmmm...saya dah start balik menguruskan diri anda bagaimana?!Mari menguruskan diri untuk lebih sihat dan cantik and boleh pakai baju2 yang venarik hati!

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sizuka[Izzati] said...

semoga kak tya slim melim waktu big day nanti.suka zumba jugaks!


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