Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Olahragawan Negara 2010

Its been really hectic here and there ..for wedding preparation and also the events that need to of the tremendous event was "anugerah olahragawan negara" last week.We managed to send all our wedding cards ..anyone who still didnt receive our invitation ..truly sorry sebab card dah habis!..Probably because the card is so lawa n marvellous kot....cut the crap!
So,i was here and there with mrpocketrocketman ..and yeahh truly inspired !Now his kaki is doing really fine.....i accompanied him everywhere even to the gym and golf! ya...i cannot tipu la to do some "work out"...i know the time is so near....just a week more left to the exact date...... ting tong!

I was lucky indeed to meet all the superb athletes during the anugerah..Congrats to everyone with the nominations and of course to my husband and Datuk Nicole David.Really adore the fighting spirit from both of them ..Hope we can have the same spirit in our own field,insya Allah .
Even he cant managed to go to world championship this year,but he has proven that he is the champion that we are dreaming for ...take care everyone!have a great weekend gonna be really HECTIC!BUZY!and TIRED!

sobs sob sobs



Erra Kyra said...


Dilakochan said...

Sis tya! Nampakkkk slimmm dah!
Ke camera trick ni? Eheks. jgn maraaa! Mmg serius nampak kurus! :D

Congrats tuk azizul hasni n datuk nicole david


ala , x dijemput pon ke wedding akak dan abg azizul , hehe

apa2 pun congrat dan selamat pengatin batu , jangan lupa nanti share gambar okayy ,

love ya ,




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