Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An evening date with 2 families

We met yeop and kak shu at KLCC....hubby just got his new iphone from Maxis ..so,as usual,im the correspondent person ..i can be #Thor and i can be #partner ..he he he ...Luckily ,yeop and Kak shu were there in KL so i asked yeop to come here since he has ordered Terengganu Keropok Lekor from us ..10 packets hengkauuu!

So,Yeop told us ...wanna belanja us Makan for our "Kahwin" dinner ..!So memang ohsem la kan.. definitely Chilis menjadi pojaan hatiku !

Valcanooo superb!!sedap!sedap!sedap...
Macam biasa..starter yg best!
My beautiful niece,Tichaaaaa
Handsome boy who loves friesssss, Aqeel
and last but not least,my cousin JAJA who just finished her work ..makan together with us ..

Thanks a lot to YEOP sebab sudi belanje kite makan......memang x leh diet dah ni pas kawin..mak gemok kembali!

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