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ACC Velodrome Cheras

What is ACC?
ACC stands for Asian Cycling Championship ,is one of the big event other than world cup series.Basically the event takes place in Asia Countries and organized by Asian Cycling Confederation (ACC).This is the annual championship for track cycling and road bike.The last ACC,was held in Kuala Lumpur at Cheras Velodrome. Many riders were present because they want to collect their point to qualify in London Olympic 2012.

Velodrome Cheras?
Well,enough said ..Malaysia only has 2 velodrome.One is in Cheras and one is in Ipoh.Both of the Velodromes are tut tut tut .Why i said tut tut tut ..Because everything is tut tut tut.Hello..our cyclist is now in World Ranking..How come we only have such a gitu-gitu velodrome only?I think we should be serious into this matter.I knew Bicycle is not the priority sport compared to football and badminton in Malaysia .How ever, day by day we noticed a lot of good news are actually coming from BICYCLE to be specific from "pocketroketman" ..i m plead to everyone (you know who you are) try to be more focus in progressing our sport arena in a better way. I live in Melbourne and i really love the way they develop their sport industry.Just imagine,my hubby training place took Stainless Steel and Wooden track as the major materials for the velodrome.Velodrome tracks can be surfaced with different materials, including timber, synthetics and concrete. Shorter, newer, and Olympic quality tracks tend to be timber or synthetics; longer, older, or inexpensive tracks are concrete, macadam, or even cinder.
We are living in new era,the material is important to perceive how alert we are.I really hope Malaysia can design one Modern Velodrome one fine day without considering politics factor bla bla bla. Just for a sake to help our future kids who love bicycle so much.Some of them are actually coming from poor background and i believe if we can erect such a place for them ,I ll assure lots of potential cyclist will emerge soon.Tolong tolong tolong ...sedih kalau dengan history seorang Azizulhasni ..well i ll tell you later on when i have FREE time ..Bagaimana seorang Azizulhasni yang dahulunya susah kini mampu untuk hidup dengan duit sendiri kerana BASIKAL...its a good story to share..i would love to tell you ..sharing will give motivation to kids out there.

Track Bicyle?
Well,basically bicycles for velodromes have no brakes. They employ a single fixed rear gear, or cog, that does not freewheel. This helps maximize speed, reduces weight, and avoids sudden braking while nevertheless allowing the rider to slow by pushing back against the pedals. Banking in the turns, allows riders to keep their bikes relatively perpendicular to the surface while riding at speed. When traveling through the turns at racing speed, which may exceed 85 km/h (about 52 mph), the banking attempts to match the natural lean of a bicycle moving through that curve. At the ideal speed, the net force of the (outward) and gravity (downward) is angled down through the bicycle, perpendicular to the riding surface.

Serba sedikit ilmu ..yang boleh saya kongsi walaupun saya ni tak la mahir sangat ..copy2 and tanya sifu je.Ok well,i have one story to share.Tatkala saya berada di ACC menemani suami saya datang seorang yang bekerja sebagai journalist menghampiri suami saya.Soalan pertama yang di ajukan "Bang,Betulke Velodrome Kuala Lumpur is the best Velodrome in Asia?" di situ sudah nampak ke tut tut tut orang tersebut dengan mengajukan soalan yang tidak munasabah dan tidak study dulu sebelum menanyakan soalan. Boleh layan lagi..Soalan ke dua "Bang,Abang tak masuk Le Tour de Langkawi?" OMG ..sebagai seorang journalist tentunya beliau patut membuat sedikit kajian mengenai sukan berbasikal khususnya.Your Job is journalist well you didnt know how to differentiate between track cyclist and a road cyclist?Malu saya duduk di sebelah suami saya.Suami saya memang tidak mahu menjawab soalan2 yang tidak bertauliah seperti berikut tapi atas sebab keperhatinan dengan orang Melayu yang malas membaca beliau jawab dengan nada tak boleh blah "Le tour de Langkawi tu road bike ,saya ni track cyclist" ...Sometimes soalan2 orang bagi ni boleh goggle ..Berbeda dengan orang2 yang mengajukan soalan yang memahami basikal dan menjiwai basikal..Soalan2 seperti itu memang tidak akan wujud.Satu lagi soalan yang suami saya boring nak jawab ialah soalan yang tidak tahu event track cyclist tu macam mana.Keirin tu macam mana...Sprint tu macam mana?
Kalau orang2 biasa tanya tu biaseee tp kalau yang tanya soalan tu orang yang bekerja untuk sukan ..hmm susah la dek nak nolong.Tapi takpe tak boleh nk salah kan siapa-siapa mungkin pendedahan untuk events ni takde ...So here i am let me share with all of you lah ..what is my hubby events basically.For London Olympic,he only takes 2 events (insya Allah).Sprint and Keirin.There is no rumours or such thing that he will race in Team Sprint like in previous Olympic .

Keirin- involve pacing 6–9 riders with a motorcycle until the last lap and a half when a sprint for the finish determines the winner.2km in total (eight laps on a 250m track, six laps on a 333m track (velodrome cheras), and five laps on a 400m track).This event , normally has several rounds in order to have 6 riders in the Final. Eliminated cyclists may get the opportunity to try again in the repechages .Maksud repechages rider2 yg kalah untuk 1st round boleh berlumba sesama mereka bagi mendapat tempat pertama untuk ke next round.

Men Sprint 200m- an event that consisted of cyclists making three laps around the track.As everyone noticed,once the race started, each of the riders will often be highly tactical .Sebab tu kadang2 boleh tengok my husband kayuh pelahan-lahan,tetiba stop and balance both pedal for a sake to force their opponent to make the 1st move.Basically this event took both aerodynamics and tactics.Bermain basikal juga mengunakan otak untuk berfikir tatkala berkayuh.

So i hope everyone will notify the events once u watch him live ok! Dah panjang berjela cerita pasal basikal and so on.Cerita pasal ACC masih belum masuk senarai selain pendahuluan.Ok cut the crap.Well,i was there apparently to watch my Husband LIVE in MALAYSIA by wearing my one and only #pocketroketman shirt. 

Inilah Velodrome Kuala Lumpur .Wahhhh ..what do u reckon?
Ini pasukan Japan ..untuk acara Team Pursuit ..Team Pursuit 4 orang Team Sprint 3 orang

Can u spot our Malaysian Hero? and yes besides him is Japanese Hero..i know i know i know what u guys are saying .*sigh

 Final results in Keirin ..Azizul won Silver
 Azizul cilik's fan ..Hakim from KL
 Azizul Biggest Fan (INDEED) 
 Azizul's wife with Azizul's fan (again) Mazlan Pet Pet our legendary comedian in Senario
 Here is the Keirin Event ..takes place..Nampak tak sapa di sebalik John beasley itu?Siapa lagi kalau bukan #pocketroketman?
 Avoid the left person,the winners in Keirin event
Last but not least, Azizul supporters ..Family from Terengganu and Perak ..Thanks a lot for my beloved families yang sanggup datang dari jauh untuk menyaksikan perlumbaan Azizul Awang the pocketroketman di Velodrome Cheras yang sedap dengan Ayam Kampung ini.!Mudah-mudahan jika suami berjaya secara cemerlang di Arena Sukan Olimpik Kelak,eloklah kita menyeru agar Velodrome yang Awesome lebih best kalau isteri dia sendiri yang design for her husband ..What a coincident right?Till then,I hope everyone takes note with any single thing that i mentioned.Have a great weekend.Pray pray pray keep praying for our sportsmen to do well in London Olympic 2012.Even i hate the mascot so much !( x de kaitan).Kalau anda sokong Atlit negara.Jangan lupa dapatkan TSHIRT #pocketroketman ..just email to us



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