Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pocketroket and juniors recovering session time

Eastern Beach is one of the amazing places at Geelong Victoria.With the nice scenery and beach really encourage ppl to visit the place often.The facilities and safety are really good!I experienced myself to swim in the cold water during summer.But can u imagine people swimming during cold weather?I think they are strong and full of energy.Pocketroket is one of them.

My PR is really happy and enjoy to swim in the cold water.I used to bath with hot water everyday and i cant imagine if i take the risk to be like him.Thats why people said,to be an athlete you must be a unique person than the others.It took about one hour for their recovering session and yes they are cold eventually.I thought they didnt feel cold at all.

After having their cold time in the water,now they want to see the beautiful scenery surrounding them.OMG!Its really cold and one of the juniors is not wearing any shirt at all.How unique ?!

The idea of creating a barrier between a safe place and dangerous place is really good.So that the visitors like us will be alert and conscious.For those,who are not willing to swim in this cold weather can just walk along the deck.

Cheer for them our Malaysian cyclists and AzizulAwang.From left,Fattah,Arfy,PR,Malek and Mimah.I really hope the juniors will cycle well and train hard to be one of world class cyclists in one fine day..Insya Allah...


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kal_el said...

harap azizul dapat baca blog ini
semoga Allah memberkati usaha anda


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