Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ever wonder to eat something sweet and colouful

Salam everyone!

Just to share with you..lately my mengidam is menjurus kepada something that colourful and sweet.For me, colours are tempting!Since then, i really like to eat Rainbow Cake and Kuih Makmur only done by my mom.I knew those Sweets contain a lot of sugar! Baby loves colour! Are u going to be an artist same like Ummi? ummi artist ke?Ummi Arkidek Housewife jeh..

Oh ya..is anyone read the paper regarding the new velodrome at Nilai.I heard the Velo long time ago already and i really hope the velo is going to be built on time.How ever, is it true all the professional cyclists have to return back and train in Malaysia? if yes, thats a good opportunity for me to work at MALAYSIA..but not a good opportunity for my husband tho!What ever it is, Allah knows the BEST!

im excited! Beso ngat eh perut?
Mak pun beso ..+_+


Huda said...

Wow, besarnya perut..bila due nya? Moga semua selamat yea..masa saya dah nak dekat due pun sibuk makan kek chocolate indulgance SR dan mocca, sedap tak terkata..

✿CIKA✿ said...

dah x lama nak deliver baby nih.. tak saba nak jumpa orang baru :)


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