Wednesday, May 16, 2007

NEXT stupid movie ever!!

If u like watching movie and then demanding ur money back at the GSC or TGV counter..NEXT is the movie!!The hero of the film :Nicholas Cage:
ya..some ppl said :TOO OLD TOO HANDLE!!:

at first,i was really enjoy to watch the film..its remind me of :DEJAVU:Denzel Washington...the movie really challenges me to think and ponder about the special character of Chris johnson or frank Cadillac..he can see things in 2 minutes in the future..but what makes me confuse is that [when he able to see things in the future over 2 minutes!!!]

i think the director was stuck..dunno how to make the film looks fabulos or hot!!so he created the stupid movie to cheat us..just imagine when u are watching the ironic movie the end "mimpi"!!!! damn dissaponting!!the end of the movie left much to be desired!
better to watch :SUMOLAH!!!!!!
sorry bonz...perhaps next show..will be your turn to treat me ...SUMOLAH will be great....!!

"ppl dont watch NeXt!!!!!dont u ever watch NEXt!!!its a waste!!!!!"

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