Wednesday, May 16, 2007

SPIDERMAN 3....10 stars will be!!

Ya..its spidey!!!its black spiderman...with devil power..and normal spiderman with his own ordinary power..indeed,i prefer the black one..looking a bit "macho" rather than looking so damn "nerd"!!!

Tobey maguire.as the permenant actor of this movie ..amaze me so much with all the plots and his actions..i like the way he swings from one building to another..and the last part when he killed the venom..using all those vibrating steels really made me "ngilu" as well..

as far as i can see..the movie include everything...humour,sad,happy,actions..i like this movie so much..i like spiderman so much..if m.j acting by me..spiderman will be more special and perhaps,BOX OFFICE all over the world..!!

erm,,i havent watch spiderman 2..but after all,i can conclude the film when i watched the "3"!..why should the gorgeous HARRY die!!!He is more handsome and gentle than Spiderman...

overall...10 stars...[good effect as well]

i like every single thing in this film ..u will definiately being entertained!!


rosziana said...

i love harry too tya..kacak..

bojol said...

waaaaa.. ko patut letak "spoiler alert". skang blom tengok movie dah tau ending. hohoho


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