Saturday, June 21, 2008

packing for good..bye bye uia..

the messy table ..i just throw all my stuff on it..can u see an apple beside my phone..durh~
e pandoras box
shoes ..still with me..some of them i already sent home..gym shoes,flats

my novels..not to forget..sudokuing
omg.tya is so sad now..
i have 2 more days to stay in my college..
then,i ll soar back to my kampung..
and surely im gonna leave my student life in iium..
lots of stuff i have to pack..
..................cut the crap........

hey hey going to meet british sad she is leaving me sooner..
so sorry i cant attend ur in i have to watch beauty n the beast..dont forget me when u r in when summer sales or any sales..boxing day??just post or cargo anything to me allrite??im so proud of u..workaholic...future zaha hadid??now is the time to think about future..u go baby!!so sorry i cant accompany u to do "crazy things"..but i swear i come to meet u matter what....thanks for the photoshoping touch....!!


p/s:one more friend left me solitude..

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