Sunday, July 13, 2008

awesome BBQ

alya...she is so happy ..running regard the natural beauty of Allah gift
my daddy,,,the root for money..thanks dad! good in fishing..she got 5 fishes i think!but..with my dads hand..hihi quality excellent...hahaha

adik..the clumsy relative ever
kak shu..showing her fishing..

anis...first time also in fishing
my bro...grilling while eating..haiyooo
my sis in law,,she is great cook i cud in malaysia,no more !hahaha
yummy chicken with MARK n SPENCER marinate
a loving grandma,,taking care of her grandchild while everyone is busy fishing for the first time
after all,we happily eating the fishes that we got and the superb BBQ chicken ...with marinated sauce by MARK and SPENCER..hi hi..


The Pocket Rocketman said...

pic athiah ilyana tuh..nak pi mancing ker nak pi fashion show:P

Tya ilyana said...

nak p gode azizulhasni...:)


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