Saturday, July 12, 2008

credit to mai

i miss UIA to be honest.. i heard..this year convocation gonna be a bit changes..
and i dunno whether its true or not..
we will have our 1st topi to i can baling the topi...yeay!
so..i found those pictures in my friends account...
guess what..until now,im so playful..
i love to do those crazy things in my univ especially..
while evrybody is ready for and all the mercun on the building..and find ppl who dating in the huge building called KAED!i miss that moment so u guys!
cant wait to meet my friend MAI,,she is one of my closest friend in KAED..we planned to futher our 2nd part in OZ..but she refused to go to Deakin..She wants Adelaide..Dem!im alone~


The Pocket Rocketman said...

kena lapor kat pihak berkuasa nih..maen bunga api dan mercun..mbahayakan nyawa

Tya ilyana said...

lapor la kalu berani..oh awak x sayang kite..nk biar i duk dlm penjare..sob sob sob :(


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