Thursday, July 3, 2008

handcock anyone??

abstractly,this is how i feel now...totally LOST

well well gonna be the release date for my favorite actor's movie..
i haven't decide yet who gonna be my "companion" to watch..
4g asked me watch with empty!!haa..i like click five's song.."empty"

to tell the eyes are so widely open ..its nearly 4 am in the morning...
same like gwens idea y my eyes hardly to sleep..still practicing the old routine anyhow!

my labtop is having some problem..i dont even knw wht mke the labtop cant even switch on!!
i was about to do my portfolio for works..daym!!! today,,im gonna fix it up...
maybe it a sign for me to have new vio and apple new labtop just nice for a person like me..sigh~

so,basically a month bfore i officaly start working,,im going to reactive my fotopages..more pictures maybe..

sorry folks,,tya is so daym boring actually,,y??because uia is going to start new semester friends gonna be in 4th year B!good luck everyone...

i miss my student life so much.. i miss my friends...:( :( :( :(

me retarded,

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