Monday, June 30, 2008

i start working i dont...hahaha

since i was a kid..i love to dad bought me a dozen set of pencil colours just for me..i didnt know that my hobby will end up to be who i am rite now..even,during school time,i was a responsible student to make mural painting on school wall..i started to jot a letter to my friend in alam shah school..he was a good cartoonis ..while replying his letter i draw something as in to show the credibility too...even i knew it was so terrible..

so then,i entered matriculation cntre of IIUM.. under Architecture and Environmental Design..i learnt a lot about designing matters.To tell the truth,the life of any desingning students is so hectic.So from there,i learnt to stay up until create something which has meaning in and out.Designing is too abstract.People might have different perception and thought.Then after i graduated gloriously in Matric,i got an offer to futher my studies in B.Science in Arch which known as part 1 (LAM).Studying in IIUM,really teach me a lot.The design basically is related to Islamic perspectives as well.It is easier for us to design while taking sone consideration of Islamic element too...Reminiscing everything in KAED is a spirit for me to uphold my knowledge and skill to others..Even im still in the mood of being "JOBLESS"..but somehow maybe there s something that i shoud grab before anyone else happy to work..and moreover,im so happy to gain my knowledge back.People need something to recharge the mind.I m going to start my work tomorrow as the preparation for me to futher my studies in 2nd Part Arch. Knowledge is so vital...that is a fact!


The Pocket Rocketman said...

im so proud of u my dear..becoming master student..fuyoohh..pray dat u always success in n out..+ i love da lil tya..sgt cumeyy..pandai lak tuh ngah drawing..hehehe:P

Tya ilyana said...

im so proud of u too the best in ur beijing..and as always..i ll pray for ur success too..our success rite?haha...sigh..smoochie sayang!


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