Sunday, July 6, 2008

im kupu-kupu malam be honest..yes i am..
im hardly to sleep early like other people did..
thats y..someone always call me "weird"
lets ponder....
i was mean to be like this..hahah..
since i was in foundation till now..
my nightlife was amazing..
i have a lot of things to do..
  1. 1)i love to scroll the mouse and do something in photoshop..
  2. 2)i love to watch KOREAN series...
  3. 3)i love to read novel!

i dunno why must i do those things at night..midnight sorry!maybe because of the condition..
i love to do something in tranquil he realizes maybe because his time is far away behind..if he s in OZ i dont think he will nagging to me..pok pek pok pek..sorry syg..
good news is,,even i stay up till late nite..i never (not to say never) forget to perform my subuh prayer..and wke up early in the morning..not that early after subuh,i wke up at 10..thats good rite?ha ha 10,when the monkeys ..knocking the windows like...arghhh "oii bangun laaa"

this is how my life colour me up when i m so JOBLESS!!

tomorrow all my IIUM fellas,going back to UIA with smile and hope...i miss everyone...i miss my student moment ,,,i miss my STUDIO..i miss being architecture student in UIA!!!4th year student B ARCH...good luck with the new task?DESIGN..think it wisely with ur concept diagram..

Im now enjoying my life ..watching TV..update my blog..never bother to CADDING,SKETCHING, bla bla bla...and wut...this kupu-kupu going to watch midnite movie tonite at 12.45am MALAYSIA....yeayyyy..cant wait to watch hancock....



Anonymous said...

wowww..midnite movie in ipoh. sth i've never done before.

Tya ilyana said...

emm..yeah..sangat best tgk org ipoh tatkala malam..u have to try!


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