Saturday, August 9, 2008

wedding 080808

ok so looking at the date...for sure lots of people out there were choosing the date for their special day! i got 3 wed invitations..but i have to say sorry to my dear friend KAK JAJA n MANJA..i appreciate ur effort for inviting me to ur wedding..but i m not feeling very well i just can limit myself to attend the kenduri nearby only.. i dibas kakak wedding..
we had all peraks traditional rendah tok,acar,and the ayam and the rendang..ok so i just eat..dont even detain myself from DIET!
hey....ramadan is near...
makan je laa!
no convo will be next 2 weeks..
gila kan?
ok cut the crap~

this is the pengantin...both of them ..were studying together in IIUM (diba's sister)
hani old time buddy since primary school and we met up eventually in IIUM..she s taking landscape architect and now is doing her practical in GDP landscape..
anne and faiz...both of them..are happy loving couple...they are planning to KAWIN next year 090909...btol ke?
darling librans...pinkish
adah is so excited to eat...sabaa laa dah
ok so now...we are definitely looking so old rite...and im wearing my mums kebaya..there s no more baju kurung that fit me !and suit have to tempah banyak baju to moms baju is so loooooseeeeee...longgar gile...and tak rase sangat kemelayuan itu!sigh!
the adik pengantin on my right,adibah...she is now dating with italian hot..isk isk
the hottest friend u..heart!

all from left anne,tya,hani,adah,diba....everyone is going to start work with different carrier..but still same LINE..


Rinn said...

org kata...time time ni la kene rajin pi kenduri kawin...nanti mase kita kawin...ramai dtg wedding kita...ahahahah

Tya ilyana said...

tu la x sempat nk g my mom rajin g kenduri2..kawan2 die dtg my kenduri sudey!sigh~

anne zaqwann said...

090909? hihi..tataula tya...insyaAllah kalau rezeki melimpah ruah. doakan ye...xoxo babe!

Anonymous said...

heheh..will do babyy


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