Saturday, August 9, 2008

thanks for the posting lyn..sigh~malu siott.

this post is not by me...but thanks a lot babe..
she is architecture student of taylors college..
she is so cool...blogholic..come n visit her blog..haha..

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hey bloggers..

well, i saw azizul hasni on the news tadi..
*i bet tya is very proud of him*
gila baban she is so lucky to have him..and yeah he is so lucky to have her..
at my age, his is doing better than anyone else..
as i watch the news....teringat plak i kat tya..
i was wondering how does it feel to have a celebrity boyfriend..
i mean...i know its hard..but..when i look at him in the tv..
ape la tya rase kan?
i plak cam bangge and told my dad

"dad, do u know that azizul hasni ni my friend's bf?!"
"ouh really?...who is your friend?"
"tya..ala, the archi student from uia tu.."

*moment of silence..*

"so what do u think dad? kan? how la i wish dapat mcm tu..hebat betul!"
"habis belajar dulu..and dont ponteng history!"
(seriously, my dad really make a big deal i ponteng history...and ape kene mengena i rase ader bf yang wakil negara ngan i ponteng history?)

dunia ni pelik siot

ouh well, takpe la...nak buat camne kan?

i'm going to the curve ngan pasar malam this weekend...wohooo...kalau bley i nak culik dia....tgk la how..

ouh ouh..i've been designing for the party logo...still working on it..but i'm quite happy with it la...insya allah if i rajin i akan post..if not...
keep on reading my text la korang...hehe XD

well, dah name pun kawan..

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