Monday, August 4, 2008

CONVO...2++more weeks

many people will not agree with our new attire..but of coz im so agree to wear these during my convocation..
cant wait to see me wearing this robe soon..!next week on 16th gonna be the day to test the robe..and collect all the info ..
gonna meet all my dearest kawan2 soon..and seeing them received the scroll..yeay!!!
hows jojo look a like ..mesti tak nampak kaki kau..sebab kau pendek!!
and solah?will he jalan like catwalk or wut?
i definitely look fat with these robe..
nvm..still 2 weeks more to go..i have to decrease...decrease and decrease..
jojo(R) face is shrinking because i got demam last few days..
then my "consultant" also didnt recognize me when i first step in the "shop" be honest i think i eat a lot !!!especially during my time staying at kak shus crib..her food is so yummy!!ape2 je waiting for my JOB INTERVIEW...please pray for me...
i want to be excellent...yes i really want to be excellent...dunia and akhirat...amin :)
ok la....cut the crap~i wanna watch inai malam pengantin....hihihi


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ cantik jer jubah tuh. biru gitu... sila la pergi seawal yg mungkin yerk masa nak collect jubah. kang nanti dpt jubah yg besar2. cam i, siap berjahit lagik.. hudus okeyh...

btw, good luck for ur interview.. ;) ~

13may said...

all the best!

Tya ilyana said...

thanks bloggers...hugs!! ('.')

shAayyUm said...

gud luck for ur job interview ;)


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