Monday, August 4, 2008

my favourite architect of the year..

................ north elevation

to impress,convey and involve the users and public is a strong theme for an architect.
to be honest..i have lots of favourite architect in my pocket..
but the most incredible and fascination design will be from RENZO PIANO!!
i repeat RENZO PIANO..
im so not into deconstuctivisme ,,even i tried so..
"His work is executed with integrity and an abiding awareness that architecture is the beautiful intervention that seams nature with technology."
RENZO PIANO loves to blend with natural elements in his building..
As we know that the concept is not insulated from general public but it is encouraged ideas to be conveyed in words and expressed in built form...So,all architects have to do this to make the building successful..
During my consultation time with my previous lectures in IIUM,they asked me to study about RENZO PIANO because they said my interpretations similar to maybe one day i can work with PIANOs..

the kansai international airport.....i been here last year...
the constructions are so amazing..*****5 stars..
glass and steel..what a good combination rite :D

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