Sunday, October 12, 2008

-23-d u a p u l u h t i g a

8 oct 2008,
im turning 23 years old..
a lot of things i ve learned ,experienced and gained..
well,im so happy with people surrounding me who always give me support to be more independent and knowledgeable time to time...
i had 3 birthday's so honored to celebrate my birthday this year..of course i would like to say thank you to everyone who did wish and gave me presents and cards...thanks yeah!since,i used pda its hard for me to reply your text..but yea..i appreciate every single words that leap from your text!!xoxo
Ok..when im 23 years old..of course i promised myself to change to be better and better..
definitely there s a goal for me to achieve.Alhamdulillah,i have my degree in B sc in Architecture when im 23 years old.So,next year,im going to start my journey back to study hard and of course meeting the "studio" how i miss my life so much..i hardly stay up late night now...i dunno how can i stay up after this..after my body got pampered so much..*sigh*
well,me and kuhaz..will be a "DEAKIN STUDENT"..currently im busy to prepare some stuff for it..Fees,VISA bla bla...
Well,i have to be more serious ahead...need to open my "pandoras box" and re-revise the architectures so assure i have zero knowledge yeah..23 years old..have to be more brave and mom and my brother choose 23 years old to get married..Me??
to be determine sooner...yikes!!
thanks once again!
i love u all...

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