Saturday, October 11, 2008


: raya :

yes i am..
i miss someone..
i miss him..
i miss my boo..
i dunno how to face it..
it takes 4 months .. i come to meet u honey in Melbourne!
but still 4 months longggggggg.....
im wishing him the best in his carrier...
all his world cups..
im too excited to see his face in Maskulin next month..
well..missing him..!
i havent update my birthday quotes yet..
yes..i will..after this..
now still in my "kesedihan" mood..
no internet in his house still..
im so stiff!!
poor tya... tya needs azizul..


Nem0 o0h Nem0 said...

mmg la lama kan 4 bulan tu,tp x pe nti2 smpai jugak ms tu..=)

Tya ilyana said...

yeah..cant wait....thanks babe!

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ lor, siannya kat dia. 4 bulan tuh cam 4 tahun utk org bercinta. utk org single lak cam 4 hari jer... ~

nur nabil said...

the 1st picture nmpk klasik sgt

Tya ilyana said...

yeah..meestila klasik..kene edit lawa2 gmba ngn org tersayang..sigh


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