Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nothing Wrong of Being Me

One of the most difficult challenges that i face is distance.As much as i intend to call and write,lets face is hard..So much of relationship has to do with the time spending together and sharing of similar circumstances.To continue a long distance relationship,I think trust is the most important element.Know that even though calls and letters come less and less but the LOVE is still the same.This is proven in that moment u sit down face to face,and it is as if no time has passed at all.
Indeed,i strongly belief that time and distance have no meaning but being close with each other is an affair of the heart.I'm so happy to have him by my side who is so supportive,understanding,lighthearted and most important,when i make a mistake,he is forgiving.

Thanks God,i found him..i found the sweetest man on earth...he gave me 101% integrity ...
and i love him yesterday,now,tomorrow and forever..

He is mine..will always be mine...there s no one cant stop me from loving him ..because i love him really much..thanks a lot ,hunn..u made my day ..shimmering and splending..and of coz,,furthering my master in the"best architecture school" @DEAKIN definitely been inspired by my baby boo..thanks a lot,sayang...Training well baby..i know u can do it..i know my baby so much..lets endeavor it....!!Both of us gonna excel in our own field..amin!


p/s: my friend was shouting something in her blog...thanks boo..kindly visit her blog here


Anonymous said...

both of you are so sweet..i pray for both of you..happily ever after...bile nak kawin?

p/s:muke korang look alike..

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ sweetnya..... i plak yg cam terharu bila baca. hikhikhik...

btw, i hope both of u will success and the most important thing is you both will happy together for rest of your life. amin... :)

kalau kawin nanti jemput i as V.I.P tau. :P ~

nur nabil said...

yups..u guys look alike
hope both of u guys will achieve!

tya, btw i am struggling in uitm
recently, i am doing industrial training is my last day !!
*big grin*

Tya ilyana said...

yeah.thanks ...
i love him so much.. missing!!
but what can i do..
nothing else than "dreaming"..

air kiss...air kiss


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