Thursday, October 23, 2008

Taiwan-Toilet Bowl Restaurant

well,i was quite surprised watching TRAVEL and LIVING today..i didnt know there s a restaurant which takes "toilet" as the concept..just imagine...everything in the restaurant used toilet's materials be frank,i cant eat in this restaurant..
even the food is good ..but can u eat something which is exactly look like your own disgusting indeed...!!!
eat there and feel like a shit....Customers eat from mini plastic toilet bowls. They wipe their hands and mouths using toilet rolls hung above their tables, which may be glass-topped jumbo bathtubs.
the menu in this restaurant quite odd as well..."Dieria Porridge"..oh gosh..!
what can u say when someone served u with this type of menu....?
even the taste is good..i definitely will not drag myself to this odd restaurant...


nur nabil said...

pelik2 btul la derang ni

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ eiii.... boleh buat perasaan nak makan bertukar jadik cam tak berselera pulak. hahahaha.... ~

ilovebudu said...

aku rela alihkan makanan dalambowl tandas tu ke dalam polistrin *bawak dari rumah!...kakaka

Tya ilyana said...

yeap gross !!

nur nabil said...

i like to watch travel and living too!!
rase mcm melancong je

DollyRose said...

revolting. sickening. dats food ok. pengotor! eventho it's juz a concept, but still. dats WAY TOO creative.

Tya ilyana said...

yeah..its sooo over pengotor...kreatif...tapii agak2 la..makanan samekan dgn bende buangan..


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