Sunday, November 23, 2008

Azizul the GOLD MEDALLIST =)

sorry for the quality..i knew its bad..
but heyy.....we should be proud!!
azizul made a magnificent job to uphold MALAYSIA to the world.
Good job as anak melayu!
im so proud!!!
well,media i hope u guys keep on updating the recent news..and alert with everything..
im so sad..waiting to watch any news on tv about him...but hopeless..they love to bother about other international players rather than MALAYSIAN!!come on..
anyway,, long as i got the INFO a,s,a,p i will spread the news.....
indeed,,im so happy with him...He made it ..that size doesnt matter...!
Just determination and knowledge lead to success...yahooooo!!
congratsss darling....:)

a very happy moment ..when our national anthem "Negaraku"is playing out loud at the velodrome..thanksssss ....u make us proud!!! sangat-sangat bangga...marilah kita sama-sama menyokong AZIZUL!!yeahhhh

p/s:For Azizul fans out there..keep on supporting him..and give him more enthusiasm..Azizul must be no 1..MALAYSIA BOLEH!!..


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ wah!!! congrats to him.. and you should be proud of him. ;) ~

Tya ilyana said...

sangat2 proud.....!!Alhamdulillah..syukur ke hadrat Ilahi

hUmmY said...



congrats to azizul!

aien said...

jojo is damn good i must say!way to go u lovebirds=)..xx

tyazizul said...

hummy and kak aein..thanks on behalf of AZIZUL ku syg...yeahhh im happy...female bird rindu the male bird now..:)


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