Wednesday, December 3, 2008


crowning the teeth is devastating!
i just hate doing it...
especially when it turns to put the fake one!
today im gonna take my 3rd times measurement 4 the teeth..
its awkward!
hmmm....oh yeaa...yesterday me and my sis..
were happilly watching Madagascar..shoot the King of New York is soo cute....!
i like the characters so much!and yeaa..cant wait to watch BOLT too!
it was a connotation from aredah too..if not i wont..
but there was an old lady..who annoyed me so much while watching the cartoon..
she was mumbling ...oh gosh!wth!
and...guess what?we are so addicted to rihanna new "Distrubia" ..
we did it too...and my stylish said i look like im way too i should maintain the look younger..shrugging~
well,i have my flash in the middle of using it wisely...
my batch is having a gathering..the place kindda awesome..and im soooo excited to meet all the junkies...i had a dream about them few days depicted about my old behaviours ..warden lover...!no no..not a lover..the warden such an interloper person..who been busy about others life!.....
oh siblings are going back this week..
hip hip hooorayy......
kuhaz is going to melbourne....she is too kind for me..for helping me out to find our crib! u so much!..cant wait to have the "journey"sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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