Tuesday, December 2, 2008

D a r l i n g s Meeting!!!

at last i managed myself to meet all my darlings...everyone seems so different..."shear force and bending moment" u got what i mean ryte?revised back ur structure please....it was a short meeting..but ok la..everyone now is cooperate with other things..at least..yeay..can meet up!thanks to nik for belanjaing me makan ..at first he was about to bring me to HARD ROCK CAFE...but hopeless,HARD ROCK still renovate!!next time will do rite?and yeay...dear jojo..thanks thanks thanks for the gift..i like the bear so much and the pictures..BFF forever..u r my BFF or BMF..well..we were chit chatting since morning till evening..and lot of stories to reveal huh..u know what...i like that asir manju...so lazizah..!and that grilled ayam..soooo sdap!!
Feeza,Aredah,Diba, and Wan D great!!huhu..cant believe i meet them in one place only!!.what a miracle..and what a nice port for IIu!eheks =P
Now,everyone is soo tremendous!workaholic..and nik is so kaya raya...within 3 months working..he visited Paris with his own sallary oledi...ore kayo kelate..anok toke batik..dasyat2..but hopeless..no sourvenior...and jojo..oledi working in new firm..and she likes her firm so much..because her boss like her...shooot...ni jeles ni!..because during our time in school..jojo often berdua with me..and lecturer will ask each of us..if one of us missing..."u re tya rite..where s ur friend jojo" or"where s ur friend ,,jojo?"...hopefully we can open our own firm..
JT architect....aminnnnn!!jojo asks me to take Part 3..heck!
Aredah looks so hot with her white blouse and legging..so looky and trendy..love her style!thats libran!libran yang vogue de vass..thanks for the sending me home darling!
Aredah..my mom wanted to visit ur galery..i will bring my mom tao nanti...he he he
well,fiza is now happy..she has one more sem to go..to finish her bachelor in landscape architect...and she decides to pursue too..maybe in the same Uni with me...(hopefully)but can u face LDR?its suck!ha ha ha...Same goes to aredah,diba and wan..now they are final year students..Good Luck with all of you....Dont forget to send me to KLIA before i fly..=(
so as a conclusion,Friends remain forever..its hard to find a great friend in the world u know..

but i dont care what they said..im in love with all of you..

aredah s blinking her eyes..why?the guy next table is her type..but..in her dream only..!

nik just finished his gym at fitness first (i miss FF so much) we often join body pump and combat..now nik is shrinking.,,he is workaholic man!
the sleepwalker ...especially when we were 2nd year...shooooot!

the neigbours...my roomate...my soulmate....sighh
jojo and aredah..LEO and LIBRAN
me and wan d great..she looked so great..(u wish) single and available...

thats all..hopefully dodot tak marah...i ll visit muar ok!dodot..tgk bolt..i think ur in that movie..huhuhu


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