Sunday, December 14, 2008

Flying ticket!

to all friends and family..

im going to Melbourne on 24th January 2009..which is a month more to go..
and my class gonna start on 16th February house at this moment..
so have to go earlier to search for my own crib with kuhaz!
im so sad to leave everyone...please dont cry ok kepada kawan2...
jangan nak nangis2 time kat KLIA...u knew how sensetif i am...!
Love u all!!


nur nabil said...

u r leaving
tngkp pict byk3 kt sana tau
nk gk nnti

nur nabil said...


Tya ilyana said...

ya will do..thanks =) said...

Ala... tumpang kat tempat dia je. :P Come here quick!!!

Faiza Muhamad said...

bestnye nak pegi further dah!! congratz and good luck!!


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