Saturday, January 10, 2009

future architect meets pharmacist

sorry nasy..i uploaded this one...huhu
we are so *jakun* when we bumped into this gadget!
*loveeeeeee birds*
tya n nasy

so today my BFF off from working..she spent me a movie ticket which was awesome sangat! and more delicious chicken =P Thanks u till the earth stood still...*sigh*
This is my 1st time dating with her (Carrier woman)
at last,we managed to take those nuts!
nasy, work harder especially during CNY!
and save money ...then,visit me there darling..
Congrats to Nasy sister Laila..she obtained 9A's in PMR...not bad
Her PMR same as mine =P
herm,,well Nasy dont forget to come over to my house before me soaring above the sky...
ouhhhccc...pathetic laaaaa!!aduh!!
"Ya Allah,kuatkanlah semangat hambamu ini..Amin"


Dakjaat™ said...

Tya .. spentime la dengan kawan2.. lepas ni berkurun tak jumpe... =) hmmm ...

Tya ilyana said...

yes..thats rite :)


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