Sunday, January 25, 2009

i miss homeeeeeee

thanks a lot uncle n kelly
this is our dream car....*sigh*

i miss home.......tomorrow ,we are going to special place..cant wait...!luckily,im staying with Kak Anis..She loves to bring me jalan-jalan n masak for us.......:P
i think the place is similiar to cliff of moher in Ireland..
i met my bucuk....we went to Chapel street..the street where Paris Hilton Shopping..all the bombastic cars are here....


Anonymous said...

He, he Tya, you are in Melbourne, South Yarra's Chapel Street.
Gosh it's nice there. Next to Toorak, the high end suburb of Melbourne.
Yes its nice there, near to Yarra River where the Botanical Garden is located around the corner. That is if you are on the side of Victoria Arts Centre.
Across the river would be Kooyong, where the Australian Tennis Open is currently held.
Go jalan2 there my friend, get to know the place, be familiar with their names. Melbourne has its own history, you'll enjoy it, although it's 75 km away from Geelong, train stations are nearby, he, he.
Spend some time in Melbourne, sit down and watch-n-study their buildings. Once you get the gist of its architecture there, you'll know why Geelong and Melbourne are contrasting cities although complementary. Gud luck tya

myadlan said...

wow.. my dream car too.. cost about RM1.8M in Malaysia

Persatuan Berbasikal Dungun said...

Salam Tya....wah bukan main lagi berkepit....he.he.he.....!!!!

Salam tahniah dan syabas dari kami semua di Persatuan Berbasikal Dungun untuk The Champ Azizulhasni Awang. Semoga sihat dan akan berjaya dan berjaya lagi......!!!!!

Tya ilyana said...

omg..anonymous,,who r u??
i really want to have a ticket to watch Australian open too!
pleasee...give me a ticket...

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ tya, ur yellow dress and ur yellow shoes look really nice la. sangat gorgeous gitu!!! but, i tak leh nak pakai kuning la. i nih gelap. sob2... ~

Nana Azman said...

kamu sangat bikin saya jelesss..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :((


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