Tuesday, January 6, 2009


i have all the collections of fashion show phewww..
2006 i like it too because justin was there..
and yeahh i m in love with everything on it for 2008.
especially when my favourite song by chris brown appears "with you" and usher also performing :D
the runaway looks so awesome and tremendous ..!
im in love with the angels..they are superb ,hot,gorgeous,beautiful,amazing!
i dont have any of their "baju" yet just their perfumes,make up...
i need their collection especially the "pink" one..
so sexy and cute..
enjoyyyyyy !


aien said...

seriously.like how exactly heidi klum remains gorgeous after having babies and all??!.she's an inspiration!love her.supercute.haha.

Dakjaat™ said...

huh! seksi betol!! ... cair mata ku melihatnya.... memang seksi giler.. sidebar u ni memang seksi 100% ..

hahahahhahaha! :p

aswalovewan said...

OO ye ke..besday jijoe smlm..thanks bgtau..bleh wish..hehehe..dah xsabo2 sgt dah nak negok baby, dah x larat sgt2 dah nak ngendong perut..berat gile..huhuuhuh...nama dah ada..tp biarla rahsia dulu..awalnye fly..kata bulan 2..anyway, masa yang ada nie kena spend betul2...huhuhu...


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