Sunday, March 29, 2009

Azizul to SEMI for SPRINT

after had a bummer on keirin... ...last night,he managed to get himself into SEMI for Sprint,surprisingly...i knew him quite well..his enthusiasm on doing his thing is so strong..don't simply exaggerate something which u don't even know about..i hate the way media written up about him...come on..its not easy for Malaysians to qualify like them though..anyway,we have to be realistic and wise..and writting in a good manner in a way to appreciate their sacrificed ...well,
i hope he gonna do something tonight!!!yeaa....lets support and pray for MALAYSIA HERO,Azizulhasni Awang...lets see they conferred a medal on him!!!!
SEMI placing 1-4 im so nervous...indeed!

Congrats to RIZAL TISIN for bringing home a bronze medal !!

All of them....embracing MALAYSIA to the WORLD successfully

today is sunday....a chilly week gonna be more can i endeavor to get rid of freezing and coldness ya..lazy sunday..what else to do other than cooking mate!i love to create my own recipe ...satisfaction the sense of shaping the Body???yeaa rite....april is coming ...=) 2 more months to go BACK...!!!

Aussie Vegetables and fruits are crunchy and sweet...
i love nectarine and seedless grapes


Mohd Azhari Azizan said...

Lepas ni awak boleh pakai rantai "silver",,,,,Insyaallah nanti dapat pakai "emas" pulak,,,,,


Shida Rahman said...

waa yana dah pandai masak ler, aiii tak caya ler dah pandai masak laksa, kalu tidak cik noi ler yg tlg masakkan ye. nanti bleh ler share dish apa yg special kat aussie tu..


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