Monday, March 30, 2009


im so extremely happy for his outstanding achievement in WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP..
Everyone around the world watching him yesterday..Thanks for everyone who keeps on updating about him to me...The streaming TV was a bit slow yesterday...but im assure he made MALAYSIANS PROUD!!Most of my friends from UK were giggly happy because they can watch EUROSPORT without any distractions ... Since then,CYCLING IN MALAYSIA gonna be the 1st Favourite SPORT...I hope Astro gonna provide a channel specifically for Cycling as they already did for Badminton...*sigh* By having the channel ...i think Malaysians can understand the game and gonna LOVE CYCLING!!!so proud.......................!!!

He is the man and the hero!!MALAYSIA BOLEH!!
im so exciteddddddddddd..too bad im in i wish to meet him too !!!!


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ congrats!!! mesti u proud of him kan? malaysian pun proud of him too. ~

Anonymous said...

alamak siver je ke..neway, tahniahhhh..

nabilah mangshor said...


umi azwa safrina said...

Kecil-kecil cili padi Azizul berasal dari Trengganu mendapat pingat perak dalam Kejohanan Dunia dan menjadi sebutan peminat lumba basikal seluruh dunia.



terus berusaha.Semangat harimau Malaya.


mrs_kk said...

salam..hi kak tya..
sy dayang..
n i need some advice from u..
sy pn couple ngan atlet jgk..
almost 3 years..
ble azizul ckp yg dia pcaya d sebalik kejayaan seorg lelaki ade seorg wanita,sy taw akk betul2 memahami dia..
nsy pn x dpt memahami my bf sebaik akak..
n i need ur advice la..
reply back kt email sy.. or
im really need ur help..

Tyazizul said...


emmm....the understanding is needed..
u guys have to tolerate ..
and consider with each other field..
and the 1st thing....we need to appreciate anything he done in support and be with him anywhere he is..then..u need to trust and he shud trust u ..reciprocated ...cannot simply jeolous cehh even i jelous gak..smtime if those craps disturbing u...just ignore...sbb vermin will always hunting to see others happiness...i m not a good ye laa...both of us ..tolerate taking architecture and he s doing each of us consoling each other ...sbb i need his support to do my do my bf..he needs my support...then kalau gado tu jgn lame sgt...kejap2 sudeyy...huhuhu

mrs_kk said... la..betol gk 2..
tp entah r..
mybe sy terlalu childish kot..
dia ni kasar org nye..
then terlalu independent..
payah tol..
sy jeles gle ngan korang..hahaha

Tyazizul said...

hmmm....takpe take ur time..
nothing impossible perhaps...
we faced a difficulty too...
Long Distance Relationship okay..
just go with the flow..
insya Allah..bley... :D

mrs_kk said...

sama cm ktorg gk r...
sorg kt bkt jalil..
n sorg lg kt dungun..

Tyazizul said...

durh..Malaysia ..not that bad..still in a country LOL

mrs_kk said...

hmm..btul gk..
ktorg jz jmpa each other ble sy blik kl jek..
2 pn blik kl 1x sebulan...
kekadang ble blik x dpt jmpa cz dia ad game or training kt luar kl..
n pnh dia g ausiee for a week,da rasa cm mati laki..dia pn pnh ckp x taw r cmne jd klu sy couple ngan atlet elit..bru couple ngan atlet cabuk da mcm mati laki..
childish gle kn..


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