Friday, March 27, 2009


Today is our off day which means we dont even have a class on after being so distance from as a gadis melayu..we take the opportunity to learn cooking !walaah..everyone in class is soo carving for a laksa!its a traditional laksa not the fake laksa..because we can get laksa in geelong..but it is actually a mee curry...ppl here called mee curry as "laksa"! we decided to cook Laksa Penang..and now ...we changed to Laksa Geelong..Everyone is gathered in my house..since Jane already here to discuss about our studio's work..Nearly a month enrolling as a master student...Indeed,the time is sooo limited..a lot of works..especially when u experienced doing dissertation ..OMG!!i havent done anything yet..too bad...In a sense to support my bf at Poland,i learn new that he gonna feel excited to race tonight..Does it make sense??

pleasee it just a pose..i m so good in tasting the temptation yo!

jane and jaja..wut ever..can see our laundry room at the back there
everyone is busy with their works

please...jaja is the mother of the group..

jane and kuhaz..while tv is on because we are waiting for the biggest looser!!and we are eating laksa which contains worries
cucumber n egg...anyone?
and mazzola cookies...

tadaaaaaaaaaa this is the laksa at last..yummmy!!!superliciousssss

we hardly get bunga kantan...but we managed to make the laksa tastes goood..walllah!!
papa.......its a laksa..!!


nabilah mangshor said...

looks delicious.
is it your house there?
so spacious n looks comfortable

Tyazizul said... houseee...thanks babe..sangat sdap ok..haha not to sgt sdap...hehehe..

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ wah.. dah pandai masak laksa dah. kalau i la, entah tahun bila leh buat laksa nih. kehkehkeh...

btw, nampak sangat sedap... ~

Nana Azman said...

nnt kita masak nasi ayam!

Dakjaat™ said...

best giler Tya!!! wah! tu housemate ke?? lawa ek .. kimsalam kat amoi yang berwajah cam cina tu

The Pocket Rocketman said...

dear..i wat laksam kat u last time now u wat laksa kat ur fwen..xaci ler..when i back to melbourne i nak u wat specially 4me ok:)..sluurpppppppppp

Tyazizul said...

sayang....of coz sayang..i cook anything u u kene janji la ngn i..u ckp u nak masak dkt i laksa u dlu..then i cook for u ok...i nk nasi dagang n kpok leko se..


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