Tuesday, April 7, 2009


"cant wait for it"
giggling ..haruslahhh :D
after made a various survey..we decided to fly to Brisbane on this coming Saturday..
i wanna *pause* my work for sometime...
remedy LOL

Edward Cullen is there...
i wanna hug
Edward please..

ignore the Edward thingny because it just a hoax !
im going to start my basic shopping..yaa im searching for UGG BOOTS!!
UGG BOOTS again??im not sure but perhaps the knee boots
:D auchhh!stylo mylo ..i likee

ugg boots look so kiddo..dang!

im hunting for these !!
i tressure for this boots


zubaidah said...

smpai betis dh tkde saiz ko

Tyazizul said...

kalau size aku takde..size ko..lagi la kan?hahahaha

mandy said...

tyai like this!! superhot!


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